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🌴 Summer Joy! Unveil 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌞🎁🌟
🌴 Summer Joy! Unveil 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌞🎁🌟

CozyPlay Lounger


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Original price $44.90 CAD
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Current price $29.90 CAD
Color: Brown
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Elevate your baby’s daily adventures with CozyPlay Lounger, designed to provide snug support and a secure base for your little explorer. Ideal for active daytime engagement, this portable lounger offers a soft and supportive spot for your baby during playtime.

Embrace Versatile Comfort

Crafted to enhance your baby’s awake time, the CozyPlay Lounger's design mirrors the nurturing shape of a loving embrace, offering a soothing sense of security. Its supportive structure promotes a content and engaged experience for your baby during their waking moments.

Adaptable Design for Joyful Moments

Not only does the CozyPlay Lounger serve as a supportive base for your baby's play and lounge time, but its adaptable design also means it can be integrated into daily activities, ensuring your baby is comfortably supported in a variety of settings.


  • 1x CozyPlay Lounger
  • Colors: Brown, Cyan, Gray
  • Size: approx. 56x37x2 cm
  • Wash at 30°C on gentle cycle for best care
  • Air dry after washing for product longevity
  • Age Recommendations: 0-1 Years

Important Safety Information & Care Instructions:

  • CAUTION: Always supervise your child during use. The CozyPlay Lounger is designed to provide a secure and comfortable spot for your little one under adult supervision and is not intended for unsupervised use.
  • Safe Sleep Advice: In line with recommendations from Red Nose Australia, newborns should sleep on their backs on a firm, flat surface in a crib free of loose items. The CozyPlay Lounger is intended for awake time.

Additional Warnings:

  • This product is not intended to cure or prevent any medical condition and should be used as part of a broader approach to your baby's wellness and comfort.
  • Ensure the product is used in a safe environment and regularly inspect it for wear and tear.
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